Тој е главната ѕвезда на свадбата: Неговата изведба ги засени и младоженците (Видео)

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Тој е главната ѕвезда на свадбата: Неговата изведба ги засени и младоженците (Видео)

Тој е главната ѕвезда на свадбата: Неговата изведба ги засени и младоженците (Видео)
November 09
20:12 2017

Видеото од “свадбениот настап” на едно мало момче од Србија е објавено на Фејсбук страната СиБ.хр, а на него можете да го видите момчето кое пее како никој да не го гледа.

За многу кратко време видеото го прегледале повеќе од 270.000 луѓе. Кога ќе го погледнете ќе ви стане јасно.

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    The magnitude of this blaze surpasses any bushfire that’s swept through NSW in a decade, said Rob Rogers, the RFS’s deputy commissioner. Home destruction from the flames is expected to “at least be in the hundreds.”

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    Yorkshire Post provides news, events and sport features from the Yorkshire area. For the best up to date information relating to Yorkshire and the surrounding areas visit us at Yorkshire Post regularly or bookmark this page.

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    “What we saw in Syria last week should shock the conscience of the world,” he said. “It defies any code of morality. The indiscriminate slaughter of civilians, the killing of women and children and innocent bystanders by chemical weapons is a moral obscenity. By any standard, it was inexcusable.”

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    Britain’s Guardian newspaper reported last week that dozens of Nepali workers had died on building sites in Qatar over the summer while the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) said 4,000 lives would be at risk before the tournament started.

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    Indeed, experts estimate we need between 7 and 8 hours of sleep each night. When we don’t get enough, we’re more likely to experience trouble succeeding at school and work. Sleep deprivation also hikes the odds of obesity, high blood pressure, depression, behavioral problems and drug abuse. And research suggests that sleep problems during adolescence don’t simply disappear with age – they can continue to affect health long into adulthood.

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    Leap Wireless International Inc more than doubledafter AT&T Inc said on Friday it would buy the company for$1.19 billion and at least two brokerages raised their ratingson Leap’s stock. The stock was trading at $16.82- up 110.8 percent. It was the most active on the Nasdaq.

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    The killing of a senior Free Syrian Army commander by jihadis highlights an escalating struggle within the armed uprising between moderates and Islamists linked to al-Qaeda, says the BBC's Paul Woods.

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    Each olive tree costs 130 rupees ($2.19; £1.40) to plant but farmers pay just 28 rupees. And 90% of the cost of setting up a drip irrigation system, which is expensive to install but uses water more efficiently, is covered.

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    Based on the information officially received from the bank, the regulator allowed Monte dei Paschi to calculate those notes as core Tier 1 capital, a measure of a bank’s financial strength which is closely monitored by regulators, boosting its capital base and allowing it to demonstrate its finances were solid enough to absorb the Antonveneta deal.

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    The 5-1 for the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe would be more attractive if the state of the going could be nominated in the bet. “He has a beautiful, flowing action, and it should be remembered he was beaten on soft ground,” Lord Grimthorpe, racing manager for owner Khalid Abdulla, said on Sunday.

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    the shipping price was set in the 70 it is about time to raise the price. oil companies getting rich tire companies getting rich trk stops are getting rich D.O.t getting rich ceos getting bigger pay checks it just proves the greedy cheap labor for a few ;this is why that illegals come to America to keep labor cost down;stop all ship ments see how cheap labor would break the greedy they would never work for a honest living

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    Those who watch the trade say it is no surprise that lawyershave finally been summoned. Reuters first revealed in a specialreport in 2011 that Goldman and others were earning largeprofits from LME-registered aluminium warehouses that take infar more metal than they release.

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    Lockheed Chief Executive Marillyn Hewson told reporters on Tuesday that the company was working with the Navy on increasing the reliability of the generators, but defended the ship’s overall performance.

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    We talk all the time about Federer, and his rivalry with Nadal, and we call Federer the greatest of all time because of his 17 majors. We call him that even though commentator Mary Carillo has always wanted to know, because Nadal has won 21 of the 31 matches they have played, how Federer can be the greatest of all time if there’s a guy he can’t beat in his own time.

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    One expert the agency had hired, Professor Kazimierz Flaga, proposed adding extra ribs to strengthen the concrete span – advice which the agency did not follow, the documents show. Flaga declined to comment for this article.

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    Coming shortly after the meeting between Mr Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohamed Javad Zarif, the first such encounter for more than six years, nobody wanted to sound the wrong note during the session.

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    On June 20, less than a week after the election of Iran’s new president Hassan Rowhani, the 42-year-old Iranian trade unionist Afshin Osanloo died under mysterious circumstances in prison. Times are extremely tough for struggling independent labor activists in Iran.

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    Independent experts believe that “the effects of agovernment shutdown on the implementation of the ACA (AffordableCare Act) are likely to be pretty small,” said Paul Van deWater, a policy analyst at the Center on Budget and PolicyPriorities, a Washington-based non-profit think tank.

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